About Hostwish Hosting

Hostwish Hosting is a superior and inexpensive online web hosting site. Our team provides its customers with 24/7/365 support as well as maintains the servers to make sure there is little, to no, downtime that occurs for your visitors or customers. This way you know you wished for and received the best hosting provider possible.

About the Management Team

Hostwish Hosting is headquartered in Jacksonville, FL. The company is owned by Erin Motyka. Erin has been hosting people for over 10 years now and maintaining the servers herself for the last 2 years. Erin doesn’t own Hostwish for the money; she does this because she has always loved to do this from the very beginning. She has been doing this for years and can’t see her life without managing Hostwish Hosting.

Hostwish’s History

Hostwish Hosting was previously owned by other people but Erin has owned it for the last 10 years. In the past, Hostwish has had higher prices, less server space, and more downtime. Erin changed all that within the first year and included a 30-day money back guarantee that was not already in place. Hostwish has been up and running using a simple HTML/CSS interface until 2018 when Erin upgraded it to WordPress and enhanced the security with additional plugins. Erin puts all her time and effort into making Hostwish the best hosting website it could be. She even creates custom packages for her clients and will help her clients get their websites up and running.

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